A list of locations in Southern Utah - Closest to farthest from Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Hiking - Driving - Simple

Zion National Park is perfect for your intimate elopement! Though there is a very specific list of locations you can have your legal ceremony, you are allowed to take photos anywhere within the park. It is very common to have the legal ceremony take place off-site, or within the National Park at one of the list of approved ceremony locations (more info on that here) and then travel throughout the park for amazing photos! You can hike, just take a drive and stop for amazing backdrops, or keep it simple all in one place! Permits are required for official ceremonies within the park.

Canyon Overlook Trail


The Canyon Overlook Trail is just through the long 1 mile Zion-Mt Carmel Junction tunnel. Though legal ceremonies aren't allowed in this spot, it is a very popular hike for photos because of it's amazing view of Zion National Park. It is best at sunrise or sunset for photos, but keep in mind that parking is very limited and this trail is VERY busy. The trail in total is 1 mile (.5 out and .5 back).

Kolob Terrace Road

Hiking - Simple - Off-Roading

Kolob Terrace Road is a road that drives from Virgin, Utah to the Kolob Reservoir. This road has spots that are in and out of Zion National Park boundaries. This area is perfect for your intimate wedding because you get such great views of Zion National Park, but have the freedom of locations that are not within the park to have your legal ceremony at. There is also the opportunity for hikes off this road, as well as some off-road driving.

BLM Land outside Zion

Off-Road - Hiking - Camping

BLM land outside Zion National Park is incredible. There is a lot of opportunity for going off-road, camping, and hiking. I have a couple secret spots that have some incredible views of the Zion National Park for your elopement.

Leeds, Utah

Off-Road - Hiking - Driving - Simple - Camping

Leeds is full of things to do. There are so many beautiful spots for your elopement ceremony, as well as places to swim! I have a few locations that are only accessible off-road and are perfect for intimate ceremonies where there will likely be nobody around but you and some epic canyons! I have a group of Jeep friends that could come with us, so your family can be present for your ceremony, or you can rent/bring your own off-road vehicle! The views here are truly incredible!

Sand Hollow State Park

Off-Road - Camping - Hiking - Simple

Sand Hollow State Park is another location with the most amazing views, and so much to do! You can keep it simple and elope near the water, or go full on rock crawling or Jeep to the most amazing valley views! Sand Hollow offers camping on the beach, or in designated camping spots, and is just such a beautiful underrated location for your ceremony!

Quail Creek Reservoir

Swimming - Hiking - Camping

Quail Creek State Park has the most beautiful blue water! There are a couple small hikes in the area, as well as unlimited water activities! They do have some camping spots as well! This is perfect for a simple elopement ceremony, where you just want to relax, or get things done relatively quick!

Snow Canyon State Park

Camping - Hiking - Simple

Snow Canyon State Park is full of amazing views! But where in Southern Utah isn't? It is located about an hour from Zion National Park, but is still loaded with amazing red rock views. Snow Canyon has amazing hikes, as well as some camping available. They do require a permit for photos of any kind within the park, as well as a permit for legal ceremonies. They are very limited on the number of sessions they will allow per day, and ceremonies can only take places within certain locations.

Joshua Tree's

Off-Road - Camping

A little hidden gem in Southern Utah! Another one that can be for a simple ceremony, then a nice off-road drive. There is plenty of space to camp out and watch the stars! Think Joshua Tree National Park, but in Utah! This location is roughly 90 minutes from Zion National Park!