Ditching wedding tradition for the elopement (off)road less traveled

Imagine your wedding day your way. No stress, no anxiety, and no details that bring anything but a smile to your face–picture complete joy, utter happiness, and an experience unlike any other.

The best weddings are measured by the authentic moments that matter–the joy in your vows, your partner making you laugh, or a new place explored together. All the tiny moments you’ll never forget, and a day crafted by the two of you are what I believe make up a perfect wedding day. And to me, that’s what adventure elopements and intimate weddings are all about.



Why choose all-day coverage of your adventure elopement? Think about it this way–it’s your elopement day, not your elopement hour. Each and every moment of your wedding day is sacred and worthy of celebration.

The details of your day live in each of these moments–the way your partner looked when you saw them in their wedding attire for the first time, an unexpected bump in the road that resulted in loads of laughter, forgetting the wedding cake but having the best day possible anyway.

Don’t think of your elopement day as a photo session filled with forced smiles, uncomfortable poses, and exhausting effort. This is an authentic experience meant to capture and preserve as many moments as possible of the best day of your life.

Let the full story of your elopement day live with you forever!

I'm Casandrah - your local Utah elopement photographer!

Consider me more than just your elopement photographer–I’m your adventure BFF, your local Utah guide, your candid moment extraordinaire, and your experience-first friend encouraging you to embrace every moment of your elopement day with open arms.

I’m not just here to snap some epic photos; I’m here to help you authentically experience the best day of your lives and capture as many meaningful moments as possible in the process.

You deserve an elopement experience unlike any other!

Your wedding day is all about you–that’s why each and every elopement I help plan is specific to every couple’s unique desires. Whether you want to take a 4x4 vehicle off-road to an epic overlook, spend a few days hiking through Zion National Park, or blend all kinds of adventures into one day, I’m here to help. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all elopement. Every couple can rest assured knowing that their day is just that–100% theirs! 


  • Full Photo Coverage of Your Elopement Day

Your wedding day should be an authentic, meaningful experience. My main focus is to help you and your partner enjoy the best day possible while stepping back to let you soak in every moment. Your elopement day will never feel like an all-day photoshoot–no poses, cheesy smiles, or forced photos here. Your only focus is experiencing every moment of your elopement day as authentically as possible–I’ll take care of the rest.

  • Adventure Planning & Advice

We’ll brainstorm together to plan and perfect what your ideal elopement day looks like. Whether you’re seeking an off-road adventure elopement, a hiking elopement in Zion National Park, or anything in between, nothing is off-limits in southern Utah. I’ll help you and your partner source anything and everything you might need for the elopement day of your dreams.

  • Custom Location Lists

After we’ve talked things through and I’ve learned about what’s important to you, I’ll create a custom list of elopement locations that are perfect for what you’re looking for. Remember, I’m a southern Utah local–that means all the spots I’ve recommended are places I’ve checked out with my own two eyes.

  • A Custom Timeline Just For You!

No two couples' days are ever the same! When you book with Off the Beaten Path, you’ll receive a custom elopement timeline from yours truly. I’ll take into consideration lighting, the best time for your preferred activities, guests, accessibility, vendors, and any other must-haves on your elopement day–plus, I’ll include extra buffer time for any bumps in the road. Creating an elopement timeline ensures that your day runs smoothly and beautifully no matter what happens.

  • Exclusive Elopement Planning Resources

Right after you book, you’ll receive my own 100+ page elopement planning guide! In this resource, you’ll find all kinds of insightful information, an exclusive list of my favorite local vendors, inspiration for your elopement day, and step-by-step help for planning the elopement day of your dreams.

  • Your Gallery of Elopement Photos

About 7-10 days after your epic elopement experience, you’ll receive a gallery of sneak peek images from your incredible day. Just a few short weeks later (anywhere from 8-10), you’ll receive your final gallery with your full-resolution images documenting every moment of your authentic elopement experience.

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1 / 3


Utah Adventure Elopements

8 hours starting at $3500

What's included?

  • Package Options: Choose from Half-Day, Full-Day, Split-Day, and Multi-Day elopement package options.
  • A Full Gallery of Your Elopement Photos: Receive full-resolution, edited digital files with unlimited downloads and sharing. This is available worldwide to share with friends, family, and loved ones.
  • Full Elopement Planning Services: Upon booking, you’ll receive a thorough questionnaire designed to help me get to know the two of you better! Then, you’ll receive a custom location guide–full of amazing information and actual photos of the spots I’ve recommended. You’ll receive a custom timeline created specifically for your elopement day, crafted to ensure you can include all your activities, adventures, and help us chase the best lighting possible.
  • 100+ Page Elopement Planning Guide: You’ll receive a 100+ page adventure elopement guide overflowing with knowledge, inspiration, and resources for planning your perfect elopement day. You’ll receive exclusive information about the best local vendors, amazing spots, and the best tips for eloping in southern Utah.
  • My Travel Expenses Covered: When you elope in Utah to any location accessible by 4-wheel drive, my travel fees are waived. Helicopter rides and skydiving are subject to extra fees. 

Washington County Micro Weddings

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Washington County Micro Weddings

8 hours starting at $3500 - packages as low as 2 hours

What's included?

  • Package Options: Choose from 2, 4, 6, or 8-hour packages.
  • Your Micro Wedding Gallery: Receive full-resolution, edited digital files with unlimited downloads and sharing. This is available worldwide to share with friends, family, and loved ones.
  • Micro Wedding Timeline Samples: Upon booking, you’ll receive a thorough questionnaire designed to help me get to know the two of you better! Then, you’ll receive a few sample timelines to help guide you to ensure you’ve got plenty of time to fit everything into your wedding day.
  • Local Vendors List: Get my exclusive list of incredible, must-include vendors to make your micro-wedding next level!
  • My Travel Expenses Covered: You won't pay any extra travel fees within Washington County to any location accessible by 2-wheel drive. 

Elopement Package Add-ons

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Elopement Package Add-ons

Additional Services I Offer: Add-On to Any Package or Purchase Individually 
  • Ride Along in My Jeep: Join me in my Jeep as we drive you to the location of your choice!
  • Bring Your Friends & Family Along for the Ride: Allow us to help get your friends, family, and other guests to your elopement ceremony. We’ve sourced off-road pros in the area to help get everyone from Point A to Point B.
  • Rock Buggy Tour: Experience pure adrenaline as you ride along with us in our 4-seat rear steer rock buggy, designed to tackle the hardest lines out there.
  • Charcuterie Picnic Lunch: We’ll pack up a delicious snack board for your epic adventure.
  • Drone Videos & Photos: See your elopement from a whole new perspective with drone videos and photos.

Utah Adventure Elopements


If you’re ready to trade a traditional wedding for the elopement road a little less traveled, know that you’re both my people. It’s time to throw convention out the window, chase the elopement day of your dreams, and plan a wedding day that’s intentional, authentic, and a whole lot adventurous. The perfect-for-you wedding day can happen–so let’s start planning your adventure elopement today! 

Kind Words

Rachel + Anthony

Casandrah is not only the best photographer we could have dreamt to have for our wedding day, but she’s also one of the most genuine, kindhearted people we’ve ever met. She made us feel calm and helped us pull everything together so quickly. She listened to what our vision was for our day, made suggestions, and once we were decided on a plan, she even took initiative to book our off-road adventure. She made us both feel so comfortable, she honestly felt like a friend we’d known for years.