Hi, I am Casandrah Jensen! Your new BFF.

So, you're here, interested in who I am! Here's a little about yours truly!

I am married to my amazing husband Brian, we have a son and a daughter (Bennet + Maysen). We spend most of our days off-road. We have a Jeep, and rock buggy and you can catch us outside rock crawling basically 365 days of the year.

I first fell in love with photography in high school. I took a darkroom photography class as one of my electives in Snohomish (where I grew up). We used film and processed it all ourselves.

After high school, I used all of my graduation money to buy my very first digital camera. Just a little point and shoot camera, nothing special but it was so much fun!

In 2010, my boyfriend (now husband) bought me my first "real" camera. A Canon Rebel xTi. I did my brothers senior photos, took lots of pictures with friends with that camera.

I took a break from photos for a long time. It was so overwhelming to me to learn cameras, even though I had it mastered with the 35mm cameras in school.

In 2019, I had been a stay-at-home mom for a few years. We just moved across the state, and I really felt like I needed a creative outlet again. My old Canon was way outdated by this time, and I knew if I would just bite the bullet and learn, I would feel so much better. So, I bought a Nikon D750. I did so many family sessions with that camera and booked myself solid with mini sessions during falls and winters.

By 2020, I was asked to shoot my first wedding AND I FELL IN LOVE! I loved being able to connect with two people who are so in love.

In 2021 we moved to Southern Utah (Hurricane). Loving weddings so much, and having adventuring be such a large part of my life, I decided that adventure elopements are what I was meant to do!

Thanks for coming to my ted talk, I can't wait to hear all about you!

xoxo, Casandrah


Casandrah was so easy to work with and was a big reason why our day turned out magically. Her guidance throughout our elopement process was immensely helpful for us, as people who live many states away. I'm blown away by her photography skills and she is always down for an adventure! 100/10 highly recommend her.