About Casandrah Jensen Photography



I’ve been an off-road lover since I was a little girl. Some of my very favorite moments of my life were spent offroading side-by-side with my dad through the rugged wilderness, discovering new places with every unmarked mile. For me, it was never just about the thrill of tackling an obstacle or the adrenaline rush of speeding through the wild; I was addicted to the beautiful places and one-of-a-kind experiences that off-roading unlocked for me.

Now, I’m a Utah local with Zion National Park as my backyard–a dream spot for me, my husband, and my two little off-road lovin’ kiddos. I’m lucky enough to blend my passion for off-roading, adventure-seeking, and intimate connection all in one amazing job.

That means you can consider me so much more than your elopement photographer–I’m your local Utah expert, your adventure BFF, your elopement experience curator, and your knowledgeable guide. When I’m not helping couples craft their incredible and intentional Utah adventure elopements, I’m out there exploring the Utah wilderness myself.

Your dream Utah wedding - off-road, on-pavement, and beyond!

For me, adventure elopement photography and off-road elopement photography aren’t just about the epic photos we’ll capture (though those are important, too). It’s about creating the most authentic, joy-filled experience possible during your one-of-a-kind Utah wedding day. Your organic, candid moments, the vows you share, the unique way you make each other laugh, the adventures you embark on together–all of those tiny micro-moments matter.

It’s my job–and my passion!–to help you experience an elopement day that feels natural, beautiful, and unforgettable. That means no matter what your version of adventure looks like–conquering an epic off-road trail, getting the tires a little off pavement, or exploring on your own two feet–I’m here to help you plan, experience, and always remember your perfect elopement day.

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