Hiring Your Local Southern Utah Elopement Photographer

Why Hiring a Local Utah Elopement Photographer is the Right Move For Your Wedding Day

If your dream is to elope in the wild and iconic Southwest (whether you live here or not), I’m about to give you the ultimate elopement planning hack–hire a photographer who lives where you want to get married. 

My family and I live in Utah just outside of a ton of amazing places you might have heard of– like Kanab, Zion National Park, Sand Hollow, and so many more. That means I’m just a few stretches of road (or offroad) away from places where couples like you are dreaming of getting married. 

But proximity isn’t the only benefit of hiring a local elopement photographer to shoot your adventure wedding. There’s a lot more to it than just that. 

And in my opinion, hiring a local elopement photographer to help you scout, plan, and capture your day can mean the difference between a beautiful elopement experience and a once-in-a-lifetime elopement experience.

Why Couples Should Hire a Local Utah Elopement Photographer

On-Site Location Scouting Anytime

I’m not here to pick a fight with other elopement professionals who use Google Earth and prior experiences to create their elopement location lists. These are great ways for out-of-town photographers to find ideal locations for their couples. 

But if you choose a local Utah elopement photographer to capture your day, you’re choosing someone who can scout out new locations specifically for you. 

For example, I’m a Utah elopement photographer who lives in Utah. And I mostly photograph my couples here in Utah, too. In other words, I don’t usually offer my elopement photography services outside of my backyard. 

That’s because I think having that localized knowledge that’s in sync with the heartbeat of the location is super important for planning a seamless and fun wedding. 

More than that, though, it helps me create the most unique and personalized experiences possible for every couple. 

If I have a couple who’s looking for something different, something brand new, or someplace they’ve never seen on Instagram that meets all their criteria, I can hop in my Jeep, go for a ride, and scout out new locations any day of the week.

Amazing Relationships with Ideal Vendors

Non-local photographers can also cultivate great relationships with their go-to vendors. But maintaining an awesome professional relationship with a vendor is a little bit different than seeing your go-to offroad tour guide in the grocery store or popping into the best coffee shop with the local florist just to catch up. 

Because I live my life here, in Utah, I’ve had the opportunity to develop deep, meaningful relationships with vendors I trust. This recommendation goes above and beyond simply directing you to someone I read about online with great reviews.  

know these vendors. I’ve worked with these vendors. I see these vendors all the time! Do you want a super creative and talented makeup artist for your elopement day? I have the best recommendations. Want some insight on where to stay? I know a place or two!

The Price Might be Right

I’m not saying that local elopement photographers always charge less for the areas they live in, but I do know that costs could be different because they’re not building in travel. If you hire a photographer who lives in Washington to capture your elopement in Utah, they’ll need to bill you for that travel expense. 

And in my opinion, that makes perfect sense. Sometimes, hiring a local photographer can help you mitigate those extra travel expenses that could be built into their costs–and that could make the price even more right for you.

Local Knowledge is Power

Being a local professional puts you in touch with everything that’s happening in your area. 

And that’s because hiring a local photographer means you’re hiring a professional who’s also a resident. That means they spend the other half of their life living in this amazing place where you want to elope–not just working there. 

That means we’re experts on local etiquette, too. We can help you learn all the rules of rock crawling, offroading, and adventuring that are specific to our region because these are the same social rules we abide by. We’ve also got the inside scoop on the tips and tricks that’ll help you out in our area. (Did you know Vans offer some of the best traction on the slick rocks in Utah?) 

Need a few witnesses for your private elopement day? I know a few. Seeking out the best officiant in the area for your kind of ceremony? I have you covered. What trails are best to run at a certain time of year? I can tell you–because I run them. Is there a private, remote spot where you can have your offroad elopement in total solace for the whole day? I can point you in the right direction–because I go to those places all the time. 

I adventure here on my own time. I go to the local restaurants. I hire local professionals for my own unique needs. My husband and I rock crawl or own offroad our own vehicles here. Because we’re local, we’re in tune with what’s happening in the area, what places are off-limits, and new spots that are musts to explore.

No One Knows the Weather Like a Local

Can you hop on Google and search for the 14-day forecast to help plan for your elopement day? Of course, you can. And I recommend you do. Can a non-local photographer who’s familiar with the area be able to guide you on seasonality and weather? Probably so. 

But you know as well as I do that the weather is unpredictable. 

If you and your soon-to-be spouse have booked your dreamy Kanab, Utah elopement and want guidance on what to pack or how the weather is looking even the day before you leave, a local photographer can step outside and tell you. 

Is it unseasonably cold in Zion National Park for this time of year? Maybe. It’s likely I’m going there the week of your elopement anyway–I’ll check for you. Did the rain make the canyon you’ll be driving down slicker than normal? I’ll check. 

Being local means understanding weather patterns as they’re happening, then being able to advise you best on what to bring, how to prepare, and how to enjoy your day. 

Your Dream Utah Elopement Spot is in My Backyard - Let's Plan Your Day!

This isn’t an attempt at humble bragging; it’s just the truth. If Utah or Arizona are bucket list states for you, places you’d consider the ultimate spots for eloping, you’re in luck. 

I’m fortunate enough to have these beautiful, unique, and one-of-a-kind landscapes dotting the backdrop of my everyday life. And personally, it’s such an honor to share these types of locations, secret spots, vendor relationships, and local experiences with couples like you.

If you’re ready to plan your elopement day and are seeking someone with the go-to insight on the Southern Utah area, I’m here for you! Let’s start chatting about how we can plan the dreamiest Utah elopement day ever.