Everything you need to know to plan your Zion National Park elopement or intimate wedding!

Why Elope at Zion National Park?

First of all, why NOT have your adventure elopement at Zion National Park? The beautiful red rocks that surround you from all directions, amazing views, and how peaceful it is when you are in the park are unexplainable. There are so many amazing places inside the park, and just outside the park to have a nice, quiet elopement celebrating your love just the way YOU want to.

When to elope at Zion National Park

The best time of year for your Zion intimate wedding

Honestly, Zion is beautiful all year long, but the absolute best times of year to elope at Zion National Park are spring and fall. The weather isn't so scorching hot that you are miserable (believe me when I say, its well over 100 degrees all-summer-long) during the summertime, and its so packed with tourists, you won't quite get the intimate alone feeling of your wedding day that you'd like. Winter is beautiful at Zion, but the colder weather tends to not be as appealing to couples. The nice thing about having your wedding during the winter is that you have access to the approved ceremony locations without having to worry about taking the shuttle. The shuttle shuts down during certain weeks during winter, so you can drive your vehicle up where the shuttle is normally running all year. Your best bet is to elope during the following months: March, April, May, September, October and November.

Sunrise or sunset elopement?

Obviously, sunrise elopements will always be so special to me. Watching the sun come up with your significant other on your wedding day is like no other. The other benefits of a sunrise elopement is that there will be way less people there the same time you are. You are essentially "beating the rush" of tourists in the area. Sunset is always an option too, just know that you may not get as much privacy as you would like.

Should I elope on a weekday or a weekend?

The answer to this is the same as sunrise vs sunset elopements. If you want all of the privacy and to not have as many people around that you don't know, then weekdays are for you. Obviously, if you are having family or friends join you on this adventure, weekends will likely work better, just know you won't likely get all of the privacy you are wanting. Unless of course you are planning for an off-time of the year (winter). The park tends to be significantly slower and the chances of being alone are greater.

Where should I elope in Zion National Park?

Locations inside the park

There is a list on the National Park website for the locations within the park that your ceremony can take place. Of course, there is always the option to have the ceremony in one of those locations, then travel throughout the park for more photos in epic locations! Or, it is also just as common to do a courthouse ceremony, then utilize the park just for photo purposes. Whichever you choose, I am there!

Locations outside the park

Southern Utah is absolutely PACKED with beautiful locations! Having your elopement outside the park is also an option! I am here to location scout for an epic location to have a ceremony at! The options are limitless within an hour or two from Zion National Park! Sand Hollow State Park is very close and has a lake, there is also Snow Canyon State Park, BLM land galore, and so much more! Check out my blog post here about all of the best locations in Southern Utah for your intimate wedding or elopement!

Utah Intimate Wedding

The details - How to plan your Zion National Park wedding!

Do I need permits to get married in the park?

If you are having your ceremony take place within the park, you will need a wedding permit. You can find all of the information for your permit here. The run down on permits is: they need the application for your wedding permit AT LEAST 3 weeks in advance of your wedding date. The fee for the permit is $100, and you have to have your ceremony take place within one of the designated ceremony locations. All of this information can be found on this page.

What can I do on my wedding day?

Oh, this topic makes me SO excited! You literally can do whatever you want! Want to go rock crawling at Sand Hollow State Park all day, then have a sunset ceremony at Zion? Make it simple and show up for a sunset ceremony in a beautiful location, travel throughout the park for photos, then head back to a local restaurant for dinner afterwards? Go on an all day hike? Go jeeping? Let's do it!!

Where should I stay?

There are many hotels and motels to stay at within a 30 minute drive of Zion, but here are a few more unique places that you can stay:

Elopement vendors that I love!

I have compiled a list of some local vendors to Southern Utah that I love! I have linked their information below!