6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Southern Utah Elopement 

If you and your partner are considering an adventure elopement in Southern Utah, then I’ve got good news–you’re already well on your way to having the best wedding day you could possibly imagine. 

But you know what? 

There are some next-level ways and top-secret tips that can really and truly help you soak in and embrace every single special moment of your Southern Utah elopement day. And I’m here to share them all with you. If you’re on the hunt to get the absolute most out of your elopement, look no further than this post! 

Today, we’re diving into the Southern Utah specific tips that I think every eloping could should know before they start planning their dream day.

The 6 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Southern Utah Elopement 

Hire a Local Photographer with In-Depth Knowledge 

I genuinely believe that if you want to get the most out of an area, fully immerse yourself in the feeling of the day, and not have to stress about the details, you should hire a local elopement photographer to capture every moment of your Southern Utah elopement.

I’ll be the first to say that because I’m local, I might sound biased. But here’s the thing–even if you don’t hire me and even if you don’t choose Southern Utah for your elopement location, I genuinely believe you should always choose a qualified, local photographer. 

Why? Because as locals, we live, enjoy, and explore the area you want to experience–and we do it on a daily basis. Southern Utah is my backyard, so I know the best spots, the greatest vendors, how to avoid crowds, and regional secrets that I think could make your day even more special than you planned.

In my opinion, the best elopement day hack you can gift yourself is to choose an elopement photographer who’s from the area you want to explore and experience. 

Do Exactly What You Want to Do 

Put down the Pinterest board for a hot second and really ask yourself–what do we want to experience on our wedding day? Consider all the things that matter to you and your partner. Think about them hard, then make choices based on what you want–no compromises. 

Do you care about the intentionality of the ceremony more than a sunset picnic? Do you want to prioritize an off-road elopement adventure over a 6-mile hike to a beautiful spot? Are you far more interested in inviting a few friends and family members who love and support you than having a “just-us” elopement? Every decision you make on your wedding day should align with exactly what you want–and sometimes, that means forgetting what the world (and even the trendy elopement fads) says. 

Define Your Own Adventure 

Just like I mentioned earlier, to have the elopement day of your dreams, you’ve got to do things your own way–that includes the kind of adventure you take on your elopement day. Listen, I know how aesthetic and amazing those hiking elopement photos are. And if you’re a hiking-kinda-couple, that can be an incredibly fun and memorable wedding day experience. But if hiking makes you miserable, why do it on what’s supposed to be the best day of your life?

Adventure doesn’t always mean boots and backpacking. In fact, adventure is different for every person and couple out there. If adventuring to you means picnicking in Zion National Park, do it. If it means taking a 4x4 road in your souped-up Jeep, do it. If it means tackling the hardest lines at Sand Hollow State Park in a rented side-by-side, do it. 

There’s no wrong adventure for your elopement because your adventure is the best you could choose for yourself. 

Do a Little Planning 

I’m big on spontaneity and spur of moment type of adventures, but I can’t argue with the benefits of planning around some of Southern Utah’s features to have the best and most exciting day. 

Why not plan to be in the perfect Southern Utah spot for sunset when the sky starts to turn colors? Why not schedule a little extra time for some off-the-grid stargazing to end your magical day? Why not plan with the help of a few vendors (like florists, bakers, and offroad tour guides) to ensure you have the greatest and most memorable day of your life? 

When it comes to going with the flow, I’m a big fan–but I also adore a touch of planning to ensure your Southern Utah elopement makes all your dreams come true. (And guess what? I can help you with all that planning and then some). 

Explore the Icons & the Unknowns 

Want to know the amazing thing about Southern Utah? It’s home to some of the most iconic, legendary landscapes in the United States. 

Yep, Zion National Park, Arches, Bryce Canyon, and so much more they’re all here and waiting for you to explore them on your wedding day. But you know what else is incredible at Southern Utah? It has incredible, breathtaking, and jaw-dropping places awaiting you that you’ve never even heard of. 

My advice for getting the absolute most of your Southern Utha elopement is to take advantage of both of these elements–explore the iconic spots and the unknowns, too. Find the beauty and wonder in the legendary places alongside the ones you’ve never seen on the map. Take full advantage of everything Southern Utah has to offer. 

Be Present in the Moment & Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff 

Just like a big, traditional wedding, adventure elopements can deviate from the plan. That’s just life, right? 

And to be totally honest, the spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment stuff that might not be on the timeline can sometimes end up being the most fun, exciting, and joy-filled moments of your entire day. Southern Utah, depending on the season, can be a little unpredictable. 

Snow storms in late Spring? They’ve happened. Downpours on a sunny day? Of course. Random temperature fluctuations throughout a few hours? Absolutely. A rutted-out Utah road takes a little longer to navigate. You bet. 

But you know what? With a little flexibility and a focus on being present in the moment, couples tend to enjoy even the bumpiest rides. 

The best advice I can give any couple who’s eloping in Southern Utah is to focus on being as present, intentional, and in the moment as possible–because that’s where the real magic of the day is. 

Your Southern Utah Elopement Awaits–I’m Here to Help

Are you ready to start planning the most epic Southern Utah elopement day possible?  I’m ready to help you do it. 

Reach out and get in touch to ask questions, learn all about the wonders of Utah, and discover how a local elopement photographer (like me!) can ensure you experience the elopement day of your dreams.