Where to Elope in Southern Utah

The Ultimate Guide to the Best of the Best Wedding Locations in Southern Utah

The Best Elopement Locations in Southern Utah

Deciding to elope in southern Utah is one of the best decisions you’ll make as a newly married couple. But that doesn’t mean choosing where to elope in southern Utah is easy. 

Full disclosure, southern Utah is maybe one of the best places you could choose to get married–there are stunning views at every turn, tons of scalable adventures, hidden gems all over the place, and breathtaking ways to enjoy some of your favorite activities. But here’s the problem–there are too many incredible spots in southern Utah. 

Narrowing it down and picking the perfect elopement location can feel totally overwhelming. The good news? I’m here to help. 

As a local Utah elopement photographer, I’ve spent days on end exploring the area, adventuring on my own, and taking my couples to amazing places–and that means I know a thing or two about where to elope and why. 

So, if you’re on the hunt for some guidance on where to elope in Southern Utah, consider this resource your new BFF. 

I’ve laid out all my favorite places in southern Utah for eloping couples. I’ll talk about what makes each place so special, what you’ll find in each location, and give you plenty of in-depth info to help you pick the perfect spot for you and your partner. 

Buckle up, couples. Whether you’re looking to plan the ultimate off-road elopement or you’ve got a low-key hiking elopement adventure on your mind, I’ve got you more than covered right here!

The Best Places to Elope in Southern Utah

Zion National Park

Nothing feels more southern-Utah-iconic than a Zion National Park wedding. From the incredible, well-known hikes (I’m looking at you, Angel’s Landing and The Narrows) to the jaw-dropping views, next-level accessibility, and streamlined process, there are plenty of reasons to elope in Zion National Park.

In fact, there are so many reasons that I think couples should consider eloping in Zion National Park that I wrote an entire blog about it

Here are a few key things you need to know about eloping in Zion National Park

  • There are specific spots you can have your elopement ceremony, but your day-of adventures aren’t limited to any specific locations. (Check out my How to Elope in Zion blog for more logistical information on where you can elope!) 
  • Zion’s best (and mildest) weather is in the Fall or the Spring–but an off-season Winter elopement might help you snag the park at its emptiest. If you plan to elope in the Summer, stick to sunrise and sunset activities–a desert Summer is no joke! 
  • Zion has tons of unique lodging, great food, and opportunities for scalable adventure. No matter what you love to do–hike, backpack, off-road, explore little towns–you can do it in and around Zion. 
  • Zion is a popular park–it’s one of the most visited national parks in the United States. That’s a blessing and a curse. If you’re seeking a remote elopement where you can have total solace, Zion might not be the place to guarantee that. But on the plus side, Zion is so popular that the park has its wedding and elopement process totally nailed down. You’ll never be left guessing about how to elope in Zion. Plus, its popularity makes it a must for Zion to be accessible–so if you have guests with limited mobility or you just want something simple, Zion is a great option. 
  • Zion is an adventure haven in the park–but it’s also close to so much adventure outside it, too. Eloping in Zion doesn’t just limit you to adventuring in Zion–you can explore the park and the surrounding areas super seamlessly. 

Canyon Overlook Trail 

If you want epic Zion views, I highly recommend considering Canyon Overlook Trail. Though this spot is still fairly popular, it’s a lot less populated if you choose to hit it at sunrise or sunset. Who knows, you might get lucky and get the view all to yourselves. Canyon Overlook Trail is a cliffy overlook that gives you panoramic views of the whole park–it’s a must for folks who want Angel’s Landing views without the treacherous Angel’s Landing hike (an epic hike in the park that requires a lottery win to hike it). 

Here’s what you need to know about Canyon Overlook Trail 

  • The trail is beautiful–but it’s busy! Parking is very limited, too. 
  • The trail is only 1 mile total–.5 out and .5 in. This is a great, low-key hike for couples not seeking a challenging hike on their wedding day. 
  • Because Canyon Overlook Trail is inside the park, you’ll need to make sure your actual ceremony is taking place in the spots the park allows 
  • You’re in Zion, so all the lodging, activities, food, and more that I mentioned for the park in the section above will work for this spot, too! 

Kolob Terrace Road 

About 12 miles west of Springdale, UT, lies an epic off-road trail that, in my opinion, everyone should explore. Kolob Terrace Road winds in and out of Zion National Park boundaries–which means if you do it right, you can get the epic views the park has to offer without the park crowds. The best part about this spot? You’ll get those iconic overlooks and killer views–but if you’re not within the park’s boundaries, you can have your ceremony wherever you please. That’s right–no need to abide by park rules when you’re not actually in the park. Kolob is one of my favorite suggestions for couples who love the idea of Zion but don’t vibe with crowds of people. If you’re seeking solace but also want Zion views, this is the perfect spot for you. 

  • This road carves out a path between Virgin, Utah, to the Kolob Reservoir. 
  • To get those epic views, you’ll have to gain a bit of elevation–that means you might have to drive up some steep sections. 
  • There are so many places to pull off and admire the views, hike, and explore to your heart’s content along the road. I’ve got a few special spots up my sleeve I think you might love. 
  • From Virgin to the reservoir, it’s about 30 miles. Camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, and more are all possible at the reservoir. 
  • Some hikes along this path might require a permit (like the Subway Adventure Hike), so we’ll double-check and do our research before we pick a location for your elopement on Kolob Road. 

BLM Land Outside of Zion 

Another great thing about Zion National Park? All the public land that surrounds it. There’s seemingly endless BLM Land–also known as Bureau of Land Management land–all over Southern UT, especially in the surrounding areas of Zion. 

Because BLM land is technically public land, you can (in most cases) have your ceremony wherever you please, explore to your heart’s content, hike, camp, off-road, and generally enjoy the land responsibly. 

Because I live in this area and love to offroad in my free time, I’ve created a go-to list of secret spots that offer you stunning views of Zion National park without ever entering the park’s bounds. 

  • BLM land abounds outside Zion–and in most cases, you can pretty much build your own adventure out there. 
  • If you and your partner love off-the-grid camping and off-roading, there are endless spots to camp and explore in this section of BLM land. 
  • Because you’re on BLM land, you can have your ceremony in almost any spot you want! That means Zion views without Zion restrictions. 

Leeds, Utah

This little hidden desert gem is overflowing with things to do, sights to see, and adventures to have. If you and your partner crave an intimate ceremony, I’ve got plenty of Leeds locations where we can find total solace.

Think epic canyons, no one for miles, and an amazing adventure for you and your partner. The reason some of these spots are so private and intimate? They require an offroad capable vehicle to get there. 

If you and your soon-to-be spouse love to go offroad–whether it’s a casual off-pavement drive or serious rock crawling–there’s a spot in Leeds for you.

  • Picture incredible views, an adventurous trek out to a secluded spot, and total privacy–yep, the Utah desert can be all yours. 
  • This is the perfect opportunity for rock crawlers and off-roaders to whip out their rigs and get married their way.
  • Don’t love the idea of driving off-road? Don’t sweat it. I’m an off-road pro, and I know plenty of professionals you can hire to drive you on your elopement day. 
  • Leeds has lots of cute restaurants, lodging in the nearby area, and places to explore–including tons of swimming spots. 

Sand Hollow State Park 

This amazing state park is an off-road couples’ dream spot–and lucky me, it’s right in my backyard. 

This is the perfect place to have an off-road elopement, no matter where you fall on the sliding scale of off-roading adventures. Do you want to tackle the most intense rock crawling trail ever on your elopement day? We can do that. Want something mellow but beautiful for an off-road elopement? That’s possible, too. 

Elope near the water, drive to amazing valley views, bask in the beauty of some canyon spots, camp on the beach–whatever you want to do, you can do it in Sand Hollow State Park. 

  • Sand Hollow State Park offers you a little bit of everything–fishing, camping, diving, off-roading, hiking, and so much more. 
  • Bonus points–your pups can come with you if that’s your thing.
  • Off-roading is the thing to do here, whether you’re rock crawling a canyon or riding around the dunes of Sand Mountain in an OHV vehicle.  
  • Sand Hollow State Park is an outdoor lover’s paradise–and there are endless spots for the perfect elopement ceremony. 
  • This is still a state park, so it might be more crowded than BLM land–but in my opinion, this park is underrated and under-visited. There’s no reason you can’t have a secluded, totally private elopement here! 

Quail Creek Reservoir 

Stunning blue water awaits you at Qual Creek Reservoir–yep, we’ve got that in the middle of the desert. 

This little spot has tons of camping spots and plenty of waterfront to explore. If you and your partner love the idea of a wedding day swim, exploring on kayaks, or just enjoying the views, Quail Creek Reservoir is a must! 

  • Quail Creek Reservoir is only about 45 minutes away from Zion National Park–that makes it a great addition to exploring the park if you want to do both. 
  • This spot is the perfect place for low-key elopements focused on relaxing, picnicking, and soaking in the magic of the day. 
  • Your pup can join you in the park for your elopement, if you want! 

Snow Canyon State Park 

I fully believe that Snow Canyon State Park is one of the best little state parks you have never heard of. 

About an hour from Zion National Park, this epic location is overflowing with amazing red rock views, hiking, camping, and more exploring. 

Like Zion, there are specific places you can hold an elopement ceremony in the park, and we’ll need to get a separate permit to take photos of your elopement in the park (whether you have your ceremony there or not)–but I can guide you through all of that. 

  • About 1 hour away from Zion National Park.
  • This state park is filled with camping, hiking, and exploring of all kinds–it’s the best Utah state park you might ever have heard of. 
  • Permits are a must in this park, and your ceremony spots are a little more limited–but I can walk you through all of that! 

Secret Joshua-Tree Spot 

I know what you’re thinking– “Joshua Trees? When did we get to California?” Don’t worry; we’re still in Southern Utah. 

Whoever told you that you had to desert-hop over to Southern Cali to check out Joshua Trees was wrong. We have them, too, and I know exactly where to take you to find them. This spot offers tons of space to camp, adventure around, admire the joshua trees, and stargaze. 

  • This little gem is only about 90 minutes away from Zion, so it’s a great add-on activity in you want to get married in the park. 
  • Stargazing is a must in this spot since it’s remote, clear, and often empty. 
  • Looking for the perfect place to see the sunrise or the sunset? Camping in this spot is permitted–it’d be a great place to begin or end your

Let's Make Your Southern Utah Elopement Happen 

Whether you need help narrowing down your ideal location or you’re starting from total scratch, I can help you plan your perfect elopement day. As a local Utah elopement photographer, I’ve got the inside scoop on how to find the perfect trails, where to go for privacy, and which local vendors are a must to work with. But beyond that, I’m here to document your love story as authentically and meaningfully as possible–in the most epic way possible, too. 

No matter what you’re about–thrill-chasing off-road adventures or sunset hikes to a summit, I can guarantee your elopement day will be one you never forget. And with my captures of your day, you’ll have constant reminders of what your perfect elopement day felt like. 

So, let’s do this thing. Reach out to me ASAP–we’ll kickstart the planning process for your southern Utah elopement!