Why You Should Elope in Kanab, Utah

When it comes to wild, epic, and one-of-a-kind adventure elopements, Utah is the mecca of it all. 

If you and your partner want stunning views, Utah has it. If you both seek a rugged off-road elopement adventure (or one with your own two feet), Utah has it. If you want something totally unique that feels like you’ve been dropped onto another planet entirely, well, that’s sort of Utah’s MO. 

But Utah as an amazing place to elope isn’t groundbreaking information–anyone who’s been to Utah or even seen Utah likely knows this. 

Here’s the secret–Utah isn’t just amazing in all the iconic, well-known areas. It’s amazing in every little corner, every unknown canyon, and every tiny spot on the map you might never know existed. 

One of those tiny spots I think every eloping couple should know about? Kanab, Utah. 

If you’ve never heard of Kanab, get ready for this tiny desert town to totally blow your mind. This blog is going to dive deep into everything you need to know about eloping in Kanab, why it’s a must-consider for your adventure wedding, and how you can make your dream desert elopement happen.

Everything You Should Know About Kanab

Kanab, Utah, is best known for being the gateway town to a true icon–Zion National Park. About 30 minutes southeast of this epic park, Kanab might seem like a little passthrough city, but trust me; it’s so much more than that.   

Think about Kanab like a giant desert playground. It’s got all the best pieces of Utah in one convenient little place. I’m talking sand dunes, slot canyons, miles and miles of public land, off-roading routes, stunning scenery, epic hikes, amazing lodging, and some excellent food (which isn’t always a guarantee in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere!). 

Kanab is a must-consider for couples who love all of these elements and more, want a Zion-esque elopement without the Zion crowds, and want to celebrate their love in a landscape they’ll love. 

The Best Season to Elope in Kanab

Eloping in Kanab is similar to eloping in Zion–the weather will be better in the Fall, Spring, or Winter. In other words, unless you adore over-100-degree temperatures, I highly recommend choosing a cooler season for your Kanab adventure elopement. My best advice? Avoid extreme temperatures and unpredictable weather by choosing Spring or Fall. Winter will likely be when Kanab is most desolate–but it’s also just as likely to have a few extreme temperatures in the mix, too. 

What Can You Do in Kanab?

You name it; you can do it. Exploring sand dunes? Yep. Going off-roading? Oh, yeah. Hiking through secluded slot canyons? Definitely. Luxury glamping? You bet. No matter what kind of elopement adventure you’re searching for, Kanab has it. And what’s better, even if Kanab itself doesn’t have it within its bounds, it’s centrally located to a bunch of other amazing spots (Zion National Park, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Bryce Canyon, and more). 

Why Should You Elope in Kanab, Utah?

Thankfully, I don’t have to answer this question in one quick sentence. And that’s good–because I have a ton of reasons couples should consider eloping in Kanab. Keep reading to get the full scoop!  

The Top 6 Reasons to Elope in Kanab, UT

Experience One-of-a-Kind Adventures Nearby 

Arguably one of the greatest things about Kanab is that it’s so close to thousands (and thousands) of adventurous options in the Utah desert. I know you might think I’m exaggerating, but I promise I’m not. Kanab is centrally located to more than just the iconic Zion National Park (though that’s a big one!). It’s actually just a few miles or a short drive to tons of places that would make for the perfect elopement day exploration. 

The best part of all of this is these adventures are hikeable, driveable, and straight-up enjoyable. Want to tackle your elopement adventures in total off-road style? There are tons of off-road trails available on all the maps–but just know I’ve got quite a few of my secret favorites up my sleeve (and I’m always ready to share them with eloping couples!). 

Zion National Park is Just a Few Miles Away 

I know I mentioned Zion National Park above, but I feel like Zion itself is reason enough to elope in Kanab. Zion has a ton to offer eloping couples–stunning views, iconic hikes, and gorgeous venues for a ceremony. But it’s also one of the most visited parks in the United States–that means even off-season has the potential to be crowded and cramped.  

For those who want to blend rugged adventure with accessible views, the Kanab and Zion National Park combo is the perfect solution. You can see and experience the iconic hikes and views in Zion–then you can pop out of the park and back to Kanab for a private, intimate ceremony with just-as-amazing views and a whole lot fewer people. 

Solace & Privacy Are Easy to Find 

One of the biggest benefits of eloping in Kanab is that you get all the views, experiences, and atmosphere of Zion without actually having to go into Zion. Kanab and the surrounding areas all offer Zion overlooks–but more than that, they offer you Zion views with a greater likelihood of privacy. 

If a desert elopement is high on your list and you’re seeking Zion-esque views without the Zion crowds, Kanab is a stellar option. Seeking solace and privacy on your intimate elopement day isn’t a bad thing. And luckily, in Kanab, you never need to compromise on views or experiences for solace. 

It’s an Off-Road Paradise 

Kanab is a must for couples seeking an off-road haven for their elopement day. 

Surrounded by miles and miles of off-pavement trails that lead you to jaw-dropping views, Kanab is a great choice for couples who want to go the distance on their wedding day without necessarily walking the distance. For couples who want a combination of hiking and off-roading, it doesn’t get better than Kanab. 

Cute, Cozy, or High-End Lodging is All Available 

The list of Kanab’s epicness has to end somewhere, right? Maybe–but it’s not here. Lodging in and around Kanab is incredible. Whether you want something simple and straightforward, a high-end resort experience, or even glamping, the surrounding lodging has you and your soon-to-be spouse covered. 

Kanab Has Tons of Iconic, Hidden Gems 

A quick Google search of Kanab, UT, will probably drop your jaw! Like I’ve mentioned a few times, it’s a stunning area with a ton of geographic diversity. 

Like most of Utah, being in Kanab feels like you’ve been dropped into another planet. But one of the best things about Kanab (in my opinion) is that it’s not overly crowded. Yes, it’s the gateway to Zion, but most people set their sights on the national park and never look elsewhere. But Kanab is full of gorgeous spots, amazing adventures, and hidden gems they’ll never see.

The good news? Kanab is basically my backyard. I spend my free time exploring these areas, scouting locations, and finding amazing places for couples to elope–places that a Google search could never show you. 

Your Kanab, Utah Elopement is Possible - Let's Plan it Together

As a local Utah elopement photographer with a passion for helping couples create and experience their perfect elopement days, I’m 100% confident when I tell you that a Kanab, Utah elopement experience is unmatched. Are you ready to plan your perfect-for-you day? I can help. Reach out to me ASAP to schedule a call–we’ll talk about how Kanab can bring your elopement dreams to life!