Top Tips to Pull Off an Epic Utah Surprise Proposal

 You’ve met the one. You’re head over heels in love. And now, you’re ready to do one of the most important things you’ll ever do in your lifetime–propose to your amazing partner. 

First things first, I just want you to know that this is an amazing and exciting moment in your life and your partner’s life, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to know that somewhere out there, someone is choosing love. 

If you’re the kind of person who’s angling to surprise your significant other with an epic, unforgettable, and beautiful proposal in southern Utah, then, friend, you’re in the right corner of the internet. 

In this blog, I’m going to share all my inside info about how to get the absolute most out of your surprise proposal, how to embrace the beauty of your day, and how to kick stress and anxiety to the curb.

How to Make the Most of Your Surprise Proposal 

Ultimately, the biggest thing to focus on during your surprise elopement is your partner–but that doesn’t mean the details don’t matter. 

Whether it’s choosing the right location, stealthily hiding the surprise, or making the moment matter, there are a few ways to ensure that you make the absolute most out of your surprise proposal session. Here are just a few tips to focus on when it comes time to plan out your surprise proposal! 

Pick an Epic Location 

Even though the most important part of the day is the experience, it doesn’t hurt to pop the question in an unforgettable and undeniably beautiful place. (Guess what, Southern Utah has limitless spots like this!). 


And let me be clear–when I say an epic location, I don’t just mean a jaw-dropping scene. If there’s a particular place in southern Utah that feels magical to you both for some reason (maybe it’s your place, maybe you both have always wanted to go there), don’t ignore those nudges to pick that place. 

The good news? Even if you don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the right location, that’s something I can help with. I live in southern Utah near a ton of amazing places that I can scout any time of the day. We can work together to find the right spot for your big moment. 

Make it More than Just a Moment 

Obviously, the pinnacle of every proposal is that moment when you actually ask your partner to marry you–but who says that has to be the only unforgettable part of the day? I’m a big fan of making a surprise proposal last. And to me, that means creating a day full of adventure, sweet moments, and even a few other surprises. 

Yes, we can absolutely make sure that your partner is surprised beyond measure when you do pop the question. But we can also ensure that every moment of that day matters. Try an off-road excursion for an epic adventure together. Take a hike through Zion National Park that you’ve always wanted to embark on.

Surprise your partner with their favorite picnic, read them a letter you wrote them about how much they mean to you, or give them a gift they’ve wanted for years–the options to make this day special are endless! 

You’re not here to speedily and stressfully ask your partner to marry you–you’re here to show how much they mean to you and create a special experience neither of you will ever forget.

Don’t be afraid to focus on making the whole day count.  

Focus on the Experience & Stress Less 

Sometimes, telling someone not to stress is easier said than done. But when you surprise your partner with a proposal, you should be able to enjoy the experience as well. 

The day you propose to your partner should be one that’s filled with nothing but joy, authentic emotion, and celebration. But sometimes, stress and anxiety about everything going smoothly can be the unwelcome thief of those things. 

Stop worrying about everything going perfectly, try to lean into the flexibility of the day, and remember that no matter how the day plays out, you’re ending the night with something you’ve always wanted–the promise of marrying the person you love above all else. 

Knowing that–what’s there to stress about, anyway? 

Do What Your Partner Loves the Most

Want to make your surprise proposal supremely special? Create a day that’s centered on things your partner loves. 

Does your partner adore hiking? There’s a special trail out there they’ve likely always wanted to try–now is the perfect day for that. Has your partner always wanted to take a helicopter tour overlooking southern Utah? I can’t think of a better day to plan that for them. 

No matter what it is that makes your partner smile, try to include that activity or thing in the day somehow. Remember, it’s about making them feel loved, cherished, and appreciated–and planning a day they’ll enjoy is the perfect way to show them that. 

Work with an Experienced, Local Photographer 

Planning–and capturing–a surprise elopement can be totally overwhelming. Think about it–if you’re the one proposing, you’ve already got a lot of emotions to process. Add in the pressure of planning a perfect-for-your-partner proposal, and that can sometimes be a recipe for stealing the joy out of an incredibly joyful moment. 

Personally, I think every moment of your surprise proposal should be meaningful. And to me, that means eliminating anything that could cause you excess stress or anxiety. Working with a pro–like me!–can make the day fun, romantic, and stress-free! 

How, exactly? A professional photographer is probably well-versed in planning surprise proposals. They’ll know how to stealthily pitch the adventure to your partner, how to set the whole day up, where to go, how to get the best light, and how to capture the authentic and raw emotions of the experience. 

If you have a destination in mind (or if you don’t but need help choosing), working with a local photographer who knows the area better than anyone else can be especially helpful.

For context, let’s say that you know for a fact you want to surprise your partner with a proposal in southern Utah. But where? There are endless little corners of wonder all over this state–and choosing among them can be overwhelming. An experienced, local photographer can help you not only pick the perfect spot for you both but help you capture the authenticity of the moment.

Let’s Plan Your Perfect Surprise Proposal

Are you ready to take the plunge and pop the question in an amazing, unforgettable way? Let’s do this thing. Reach out to me anytime to talk details, learn more about surprise proposals, and start planning an epic, amazing, and adventurous proposal for your partner.